Beatles Curriculum Vitae

Name: Eleanor Rigby
Age: When I'm Sixty Four
Born: Yesterday, Kansas City, Out the blue
Gender: She's a Woman
Adress: Strawberry Fields, Across the Universe
Nationality: I'm Sorry, Nobody Told Me
Civil status: It's Only Love
Social class: Working Class Hero


All you need is love
Current occupation: Paperback writer
Professional abilities: Fixing a Hole / Flying / Getting Better / Watching the Wheels / Help!
Hobbies: Oh! darling... I'm Only Sleeping

Driver license:

Yes it is
Computer abilities: We can work it out
Languages: Rock 'n roll Music and Love

Targeted job:

Targeted salary: Can't Buy Me Love
Convince us to engage you: Please Mr. Postman, I'll Keep You Satisfied
Refference: Mother
CV created by Razvan Chirita.